What if your traffic does not convert in terms of spending money?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by trozma, Sep 20, 2010.

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    The title says it all. But just for clarification I'll give you a simple scenario:
    Suppose I advertise an email submit offer that converts after a successful email submit. What happens if my traffic converts great in terms of submitting their email on the offer, but don't buy anything afterward?

    Would the CPA network prohibit me to advertise this offer? What would happen in such cases?

    I understand it's in the interest of the CPA network and offer owners to earn money, not just make people type their emails and then do nothing afterward.
    So, my question really is, does it matter that people you refer to the offer actually spend money or they don't really care as long as your referrers perform the expected action (like typing their email and pressing the submit button, or anything in that nature)?

    Sorry if I'm asking such simple questions, but I'm new here and would really like to learn.
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    You are correct, eventually if your traffic does not earn money for the advertiser they will shave your leads (pay you for less than what you originally thought you earned) or even disallow you to run the offer. It is the advertiser's responsibility to convert the traffic but if the traffic is just plain bad there is not much they can do. This is especially true with e-mail submits, some offers not as much.