What if I want to do content in English and Spanish at the ame time?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by daveman, Sep 17, 2015.

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    If I have a channel there's any problem if I want to do content in english and some in spanish? I have some ideas that would work internationally in english, but i've got some ideas for videos that would only target a spanish audience only. How do I manage this? I don't want to have 2 channels, its a waste of time. Can I properly rank videos in english and spanish in the same channel? Im asking this specially because when you register an adsense account, they ask you on what language are you going to make your content, I selected english when I created the account, but I also want to make videos in spanish. Does this have something to do with the ads that are shown to people? Shouldn't this don't matter at all? I mean as far as I know, the ads will be in your language depending on your IP, and the creator of the video it's irrelevant where's from, to rank videos at the end of the day it's all keywords and viral potential. Let me know because it annoys me having ideas in both languages but no sure if I want to mix it up or not.
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    I think you can do it. Adsense just care good traffic from your site