What I think separates the SEO men from the SERP boys!!!

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    I have been reading and posting to (a little) the forum here for a while now, and I would just like to add my two cents about what I feel the best SEO tools a blackhatter can have for SEO at this time. My opinion may change in the future, but for now here it goes:

    1) Google Wonder Wheel Scraper

    I think that this is probably the best keyword generator I have ever used for generating bulk keywords. It can go from a single keyword suggestion to several thousand in one click.

    Wind this puppy into a continually automated loop ( remembering to remove duplicates some how) and you can easily fill a database in no time.

    2) Market Samurai (even free version)

    You have to start you statistical analysis of your KW somewhere, and I cannot think of a better place than MS. Simple interface, simple keyword list output (simply hit "copy" in KW research screen is great for feeding to the bottom of a spreadsheet feeding the GWW as duplicates are removed.

    3) A keyword database

    While Market Samurai is great for KW data, it can run SSSSLLLLSLOOOOW if it gets any kind of bulk kw storage. I have yet to get it to open a MS file with more than a few thousand KW in it. I learned a long time ago, that if you want to keep MS fast and responsive, you need to often export the current data (keyword research>Analyze keywords>Export button) as a csv file and delete it from MS to make room for fresh data. But this created a problem. Lots of spreadsheets and an increase in duplicate data. AKA Big FFFF mess!

    Enter the world of MySQL to the rescue. Open source, easy csv import and responsive and perfectly capable with tons of data inside.

    4) A php form generator

    While most people have these, they only use it for getting others to input information. I find it useful in SEO for retrieving data from the database for calculations, and then resubmitting the calculations through the same form back into the database. Thought of using direct queries or triggers, but this allowed me to actually dynamically update real fields in the db on the fly. It is unorthodox, but it is a lifesaver for my lazy butt.

    6) Firefox w/SEOQuake (looking for a better suggestion)

    I use this for getting BLP and BLD values on the top 100 results in Google for my KW. I wish I had a simple php scraper for this ') ') and MS only gives results on the top 10, and takes forever.... and costs. I still have to manually enter this info into my DB, as I am unsure how to scrape it into fields, but this combination (FF/SEOQ) can almost be a MS replacement for many people.

    7) The Opera Web Browser - I love firefox. It is probably my favorite overall browser and I use it for most research and play due to all of the cool plugins, but Opera is winning a place in my heart fro some very specific functions.

    a) After getting all of that KW data and deciding what to do with it, most of us will wind up doing some form of rewriting of our competitors content and put it in better places (or more places) than them. This is as easy as getting a mega list of RSS feeds based on your KW research and throwing them into Opera OPML file after OPML file until you decide that if you find another RSS feed in relation to colon cleanse you yourself will bloat and explode.

    This is important, because unlike other RSS readers, the one in Opera is connected to a nice function called "redirect". While I know you have heard of this before, here it has a different meaning. When you right click on an item and choose redirect, and editable copy of the RSS will pop up, and you can edit it an ship it off to any email address you like. This is important for social media updates, blogging via email, etc. Especially considering

    7) Wordpress

    Of course the favorite for many an SEO professional and layman alike, it can be installed in seconds with your favorite plugins and set on autopilot. Blah Blah Blah. If you need me to explain why Wordpress is great to have in BH, then Welcome. I finally found someone greener than me.

    My favorite trick is to use it as a local rss autoblog and test feeds, tweaking the plugin settings until I get the to post quality up before jettisoning the settings to a fresh public piece .

    8) Blackhatworld autoblog plugin downloads

    Again, same reasons

    9) Winautomation

    Tie all of the above together in a 24 hour program of SEO KW extraction, manipulation and evaluation, content seeking, rewriting, and deployment. Enter KW, go away, check stats, and retool. Finally walk away and watch it grow.

    10) Autorename software

    Little but very important for me in automated SEO. Nothing killed more auto progs for me than a stupid "Replace/Overwrite" Mesages. Used in combination with cmd>copy filename.......etc newfile has made report file management a lot easier.

    Just my humble list. I know its not the usual get 1000000 backlinks overnight kind of tool. But I figure that upon completion, I will have my favorite stat, that no one else has. I have already written the formula. Because this will one day be 100% automated (through robotics or outsourcing {who will get autopaid by the robot on a vcc of course}).

    Traffic acquisition value per minute and dollar value added per minute based on KW back link researched, valuated, and content placed. I realize different kinds of automated posting takes different amounts of time, and I decided to figure "labor' into the equation (even for the bots).

    Might sound like a weird stat, but it allows be to both fine tune traffic targets, est adwords value targets, and the minutes in a day as a standard for the labor it takes to go after the valuation results (as the bot is a 24 hour beast) I can watch fluctuations (timestamping) in this stat and get social media timing trends, the best content to post where and when, and all of this info is in house and in real time, as well as allowing me to adjust all of my auto posting settings accordingly, (would love to have these change with variable updates) or even deciding that another content outlet is more labor intensive than another to the point of profit loss break that I would not have found without traffic/value/bl labor/timing evaluation.

    Before I go off on too much of an illegible tangent, I would just like to say I hope I lent a different twist on the age old ? of best BH SEO tools. I say a DB and planning will guide you where no other tool will take you, in the statistically correct SEO direction. Now SENuke become a bazooka with a sniper scope!