What I Have Learned About Content.

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    I have realized that most web content sort of sucks, and I don't mean the content of sites specifically designed to rank for certain keywords.

    I recently started trying to rank for a low competition keyword in the financial sector, and while examining the competing sites for an array of keywords I started to really scratch my head and wonder if these large, authority sites have any idea what their target audience is.

    For example, go Google "what is a _________" and insert any type of investment. if you read most of the results, the pages all contain definitions and descriptions that require a fairly intense level of previous knowledge and investing experience to understand. However, experienced investors or people knowledgeable about finance are not the people who are going to be searching for basic explanations.

    Overly complicated or technically detailed explanations actually only serve to drive away visitors. It is basic psychology; people want to have their feelings validated. If they have a question about something, and the first responses that they find confuse them, then it is only going to agitate them more, and make them instantly hit the back button.

    When someone has a question about something, especially a complicated topic, the first thing they want to hear is that other people also have the same question, or that confusion about the topic is common. This type of response validates their feelings and increases the amount of time that they are likely to spend on a certain page.

    Make sure the first few lines of any webpage don't alienate your target audience. Simple way to increase the time people spend on your individual pages.
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    This will be very helpful to many beginners. Thanks!
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    I agree with you OP. If people would start to create content with that in mind, they could start to overshadow those big website and actually give people what they are looking for. If we talk about Finance (in general), people would use the internet to learn from it and tossing heavy words on the readers will only drive them away.

    Thanks for sharing your thought and findings. :)