What I have done till now (+10K) + how to deal with new competitor ?! - Any Suggestion is welcome

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    Hi Everybody,

    2 years ago I created a website where i offer courses to learn specific skills about a nice, focusing on my country, that is in Europe but It's not UK.

    I have to say, what i've found was a fresh nice in my country, no competitors and almost all the information around were vague. It's a nice with discrete traffic, not exiting but its part of an Evergreen Market that has a very good traffic but a lot of competitors (of course).

    So of course i went for it, and I was also interested myself in that nice.

    Unfortunatly BHW was unknown to me, and that is very bad because probably now i would have been the "King of the Nice". Btw I think i can still crush it, maybe with the help of BHW.

    Going on.......

    Social Media

    I created social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube but actually I used Twitter just a couple of time.

    On youtube i pubblished some "motivational videos" and "part of my courses" enough to show what i do but not enough to understand how. The videos Titles and tags target the "main topic" but adding almost alway my nice. I think that titles and thumbnails works good and are attracting. I stopped pubblishing after 6 months as i though it was enough to describe what it was all about and I also had no other ideas.

    I used facebook just to post images related to the services and for info. Not posting sice 1 year more or less


    - FREE: I pubblished my services on Kijiji targeting the main cities of my country and I'm renewing them every time since 2 years now.

    - Paid 100€ to adwords to promote my best video on youtube and 50€ on Facebook Ads, Just to make the channel start rolling.

    - Posted for a year and something on 4-5 forums related to the "main topic".

    How it went......

    Started Feb 2015

    Well, in the first month i did a couple of people. My price was around 180-250€ , depending on the course.

    Got some response on FB and YT and on my website of course.
    I used to post also on my website but it was only for the free subscibers.

    Anyway, i think i did other 2 people and then i started raising the price to 350-700€.

    May 2015

    For 7 months i always had at least one person paying 600-700€ and i was posting every week ate the begining and then occasionally. In the meanwhile i also did a couple of new videos on YT.


    During those month I commissioned a software that helps the process and i discounted it for the first 3 months to 700€. Now around 1K.

    I sold a couple at that price.

    Gen 2016

    For various reasons at this point i stopped posting at the beginning of 2016. No time.

    Maybe I did a couple of people.

    Sep 2016 -

    Something happened, when i thought it was done (also because i wasn't putting any effort to make it work better) some new people contacted me.

    It started with one in late september, a couple in october, one software sold to a previous "student", 2 in november and another software sold.

    Total around 4K in more or less two months. I was like: "Fucking nice, I want more".

    I've seen my subrscibers and videos growing steady on YT (especially a 1 with 10K views) and some more likes on FB.

    Note: I just wante to say that actually i gained a couple of people from Kijiji Ads and they were basic ads so Free.

    The Situation NOW....

    I have 2 courses to complete and a couple of people that might be interested but of course it's almost christmas so they will probably contact me in 2017.

    Youtube Chanel
    • 460 subscribers
    I have 8-9 videos, the most viewed has 10K views, se second most viewd 6,5K.

    Last video posted Nov 2015.


    253 Likes 100 of those were bought from FB.

    Some msg and friend request every now and then.

    My website

    280 subscribers to newsletter

    5700 Sessions
    3800 Users
    40k pageviews
    38% bounce rate
    67% new sessions

    Around 200-300 views per month at the moment. It's in line with most of the the other "monthly average views".

    The Competition

    I have noticed some people have started talking about my nice recentrly but few times and occasionally (and not as detailed as i do) but now i have a new guy on Youtube, he makes a lot of video and he started talking about these nice more often as he talks about the "main topic" related to these nice and I'm starting to worry.

    But this could be also be the reason why i have seen new water coming to my windmill: my youtube monthly views kept growing during my "inactivity period" till now but from september to october it jumped from 2K views to 3K and november closed at 3K too.

    So definetly that boost my sales..... probably.

    I'm confident in my videos, i think most of them are appealing.

    Plus this guy doesn't have a website specificly focused on my nice but to the "main topic" so if somebody look for that nice on google (for my language of course) they will probably find my website.

    I have checked with Moz my ranking in the serp for my keywords

    1. Quite big website that provides services for the "main topic" but not like the kind of services I offer so for that no worry. There are just a couple of page about the argument but nothing specific or usefull. Good as an ads as people might get interested int he argument and look down at the 2nd result that is....
    2. A small website about the "main topic" but here we have just one page with the same info of the previous one. And so the user look at the 3rd result....
    3. Here I am, quite good considering the other two aren't competitors.
    4. A video of this YT guy talking about also my nice
    5. Same as before
    6. My video of the software for my nice
    7. Another video from the guy

    I've mad some research about this guy and he has a website but it offers serices related to the "main topic" and not including my nice but for how long?

    His youtube is still smaller then mine and it was created in 2010: 270 subscribers; 18,267 views

    What I'm going to do

    Of course this new "spring" of my business inspired me and so I'm gonna put effort in it because it has a lot of potential.

    In general

    Buy a logo design service and a video introduction service for my videos. I will probably look on Fiver.

    Social Media

    • I will create Instagram profile. Giving the fact an incredible number of people look after that App it and the images about my nice are powerful for the one interested, it could be a good source.
    • Im gonna start using also twitter.
    • I can make some weekly (or 2 week) video for youtube.


    • I will find more board like Kijiji and i may pay for some extra feature
    • Maybe i will spend some money on FB ads and Adsense (I don't like to pay so I will do it just do it if necessary)
    • look for new ones

    I'm also planning to expand in the English version but that will be in the future.

    First I have to make this business stable and growing smashing of this dangerous competitors if possible.

    I wrote all this for you to give me some advice but also as a reminder for myself on what i have to do.

    As the title says:

    Any Suggestion / Opinion is welcome