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What I did and what should I do to make money?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by jovica888, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. jovica888

    jovica888 Regular Member

    Dec 15, 2011
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    OK. So first I want to tell you about my work with Google Adsense

    I am PHP developer and I was teaching PHP in local IT school. I had many online projects but my real income started 2 years ago...

    November 2013
    I started MyBB forum and added some emotional pictures in one thread (24 Touching photos that will grab you by the Heart..And Never let go. Tissues Require). Added that thread to Stumbleupon and earned about 250EU.

    December 2013
    I had the biggest earning... I Created WP blog. Added thread about José Mujica. Added that thread to Stumbleupon. Earned about 490EUI did similiar for about 6 months and Earned about 2000EU...
    After this stumbleupon traffic just drop and I could not get anything from SU... :(

    In March this year I started website that will parse IMGUR and copy all good albums to my website. I made website with 300.000 nice albums and articles... I added some stuff to reddit.com and in one moment I hit 1st page... I had about 350EU. I made 50-100 domains on freenom website (.tk .cf .ga .gq .ml) and register all domains on my VPS server. Than I parse my own website and post URLs to Reddit. With CyberGhost I change IPs, change Account And Upvote everything by myself....

    Last project is website that will check your IP, domain IP. That will be biggest website I ever made with URLS in it.... I did not earn anything with this yet..

    What do you think I shoud do next? I don't have any idea what should I do to make money... I only do Adsense but my friend suggest me to make something like lottery script where users can deposit money and play lotto (I don't know is this legal :) )

    I have my offline real job. This is just my extra income and hobby
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