What i can use for tier 1 link ?


Feb 27, 2024
Hello, I apologize if my question is newbie, but I would like to know what type of link I can use for tier 1 for my money site. Guest posts or a PBN is good for tier 1 ? And Free guest posts should be avoided due to their spammy content , right ? thanks in advance !!!
Every type of links can be used for your tier 1,
It's more about the quality of the links instead of the type itself,
You can find spammy pbns, guest posts, web 2.0s, comments, etc... as well as quality ones,

A big red flag for spammy links is the cheap price, no one going to really sell a solid link for a couple of cents, in most cases at least,
Yet, not every expensive link will be clean & good enough,
You'll have to check stuff manually & have enough experience/common sense to spot the difference
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