What I am doing is kind of working...Could use some help though.

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    So I have been trying to switch over to IM instead of offline marketing. I figure I would start with youtube because it seems a lot easier to learn and see results. I found a very micro niche that I will share...I've been posting Dr. Oz supplements and video clips linking to amazon affiliate page. I've been seeing better and better results each day and trying to write great titles and enter my keywords right. I edited what my channel was about keyworded that.

    Right now I am sitting at about 1,300 video views and I have made about $10 from Amazon. I want to know if I am on the right track or if I need to re-evaluate my niche. What other tips would you give me maybe I shouldn't use amazon as an affiliate but it seemed easier....

    Maybe someone could give some advice on finding a youtube niche and share any other secrets you care to divulge.. I have played with the keyword tool a bit.

    Also I just had another idea for a niche and I am wondering if ripped content/copied content ranks the same as your own made content...?
    Much love to the community...
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