What have I done with my fake referrer?


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Oct 11, 2009
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I am completely lost at the moment. I have built two sites. One is BH that's got adult content on it but this content gets locked with WP Guardian.

I have built a WH site that is promoting some CPA offers in a totally unrelated niche.

I have the URL for the affiliate offer.

But what I want to do is promote my BH site and when the user tries to view the adult content it gets locked and to unlock it, I want it to go straight to my CPA offer. BUT I want the referral to come from my WH site.

What am I doing wrong here:
1. I set up CPA-R on my BH site but it only gives you the option of redirecting from a post URL within your site. I can't put my CPA link in the next box because it will show my traffic coming from my BH site.

2. I even set up CPA-R on my WH site and used the link from that site in my BH site.

Can someone show me where I am going wrong? It seems to me after reading Brads blog post on his plugin he is redirecting traffic from a blog straight to his CPA offer page and it is showing up as the referrer. There needs to be a third site somewhere here right?
One thing I forgot to put in my post:
Is the CPA-R plugin supposed to be on my BH or WH site?
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