What has Happened Here?! Help!

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by jimbo2087, Apr 23, 2010.

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    Jan 24, 2010
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    I need some help guys, I can't work out whats going on here:

    Basically I setup an adult landing page with a certain well know cpa gateway on and have been advertising the site on porn sites with banners. On that landing page I also have some affiliate links that are tracked using "pretty link" for wordpress, these are ALL behind the Gateway, therefore to click them you must of gotten past the gateway.

    So I woke up this morning and checked my site stats and saw that 30 people had clicked my aff link BEHIND the gateway, meaning surely that at LEAST 30 people have filled out my surveys.

    Of course I was pretty stoked as I had only spent about $30 on banners overnight and 30+ leads would MORE than cover that! So I checked my CPA network and what do I see...not a single fucking lead and barely any clicks.

    What the hell is going on? Ive double checked my site with three browsers and the gateway appears, nearly all of the hits were with compatible browsers and all the traffic is from the US. The click reported by pretty link also match up with my other affiliate networks stats there end so these people definitely clicked the link, but they somehow diddnt see the gateway?
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    not hard to get behind cpal34d gateways, also lots of shaving with surveys and that kind of stuff.