What happened to Google keyword tool and the Search Volume?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by beazt, Sep 17, 2010.

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    Have any of you guys checked your keyword's search volume in Google keyword tool lately? Those idiots have drastically reduced volume of all keywords, irrespective of how you search them- broad, phrase or exact.

    I just saw it 3-4 days ago when one of my keywords which had an exact match volume of 27000 was showing just under 2000 searches! And when I did some research, I found other people around the web equally surprised and shocked by this move. Check out this thread at Wf:

    Worst of all, there is no explanation from Google regarding the same. The only reliable source I found was SEW:

    So many of those lucrative niches or high volume keywords are gone! Some say the new search volume are the accurate ones. But then what was Google doing by providing us highly inflated search volume in the first place? Was it just to fool Advertisers to buy their PPC Ads? I feel like suing Google.
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    Yes... anyway, now values are FAR more accurate.

    As the article you pointed out states: "one should never rely on a single source data when deciding on a new project or campaign."

    Hint hint: incorporate BOTH Google Keyword tool AND Google Insight for Search in your Keyword Research a.rsenal (especially when doing keyword sniping) ;)
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    Yeah, their data is more accurate now.

    But I agree with this part:
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    i noticed that too a few days ago, google sucks. I bought a domain based on a keyword with 1 million searches a few month ago, i did a very good website, ranked it in first position, and obtain only a few visits per day (around 700 per month instead of the million !!) it surprised me but now i understand, when I check search volume it indicates 750, which is more representative of reality...

    i woulnd't have spent so much time creating this website if i knew that the volume was so ridiculous...

    I have 4 other sites in the same case.

    Almost all the keywords search volume went down, and it is now more difficult to find good niche with good search volume
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    SEO Analyst
    dont know what they are planning for

    but keep my assumption in mind too

    i already predict in other thread

    might be Planing for paid campaign
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    This really upset me too, but you wanna know why? They included search results from everyone on the google network.. everywhere! So websites with custom search, youtube, everywhere including contextual content where adsense is running.

    So you have google search, plus youtube search, plus google custom search for websites using google engine on their site, and for content/when building contextual based ads. It makes sense b/c they want to over inflate numbers so people will bid on inventory.. the tool is not intended for keyword research to build websites around keywords... the tool is to get users to bid on keywords for adwords.

    My keyword went from 1million to 27k.. i was gutted
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    I thought the numbers had changed as well due to merging the search based keyword tools into the regular keyword tool at the end of last month.

    This is not true based on my research.

    I compared around 1,200,000 keywords which I had data from two months ago to their new search volume numbers and on average the total volume of all the keywords actually INCREASED. If they had indeed make the numbers more accurate by not counting search engine partner "searches" then the numbers would have decreased across the board.

    I did see what looked like normal month-over-month fluctuations. Some keywords did decline quite a bit but that can be due to a partner site no longer showing ads for that word or because the word is a fast moving trend or seasonal.

    Also, for those guys getting pissed at Google. Remember, the purpose of the keyword tool is not to help you make organic search traffic estimates and do SEO research. The purpose is to show you the sort of traffic you can expect from PAID ads on their network. That's why it includes all those other sources. It's not inaccurate, it's simply not granular.