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What Features Would Your Ultimate Amazon Affiliate Plugin Do?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by fishwalker, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. fishwalker

    fishwalker Registered Member

    Nov 13, 2014
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    Rather than hijack someone else's thread, I'm fed up with the current choices of Amazon affiliate plugins. I don't want much, just a tool that works with me instead of something that I seem to have to fight with constantly. Maybe it's just me, but is there any Wordpress plugin that is awesome to use? Instead of just complaining, I want to share what my ultimate Amazon plugin would do and get learn what your ultimate plugin would do. Then maybe we can solve this pain in the ass problem of crappy affiliate plugins.

    What My Ultimate Amazon Plugin Would Do.

    • Search Amazon for products from inside post/page or the Admin area. Would let you select several items and keep them in a tool palette/clipboard type area so that you could see the multiple product info while writing your post. This would help to eliminate the jumping back and forth between your site and Amazon.
    • Why is it that every single plugin that posts an affiliate item always have the smallest and rattiest looking CTA buttons. It's like the Devs spent their budget on code and couldn't afford to get a button larger than 10px x 40px. I want a CTA button that you can instantly notice on the page. So that means adjustable size and color, and nofollow.
    • Posts the price of the item, along with the date and time that it was last synched.
    • Also pulls the important product info from the page like size, color, maker, model, warranty, etc.
    • Downloads the images to a specified folder. While it could save the image name as the Amazon item's title, it doesn't because Amazon titles are so keyword stuffed it's ridiculous. So it pops up a dialog box and prompts for you to rename the image to something SEOish and appropriate like the post title. It would also let you enter in alt text. Even better would be if it read your H1-6 tags and used them as the default alt tags. The first H2 would be for pic1, 2nd H2 for pic2, etc. Would optimize image sizes if possible.
    • Would have 4 basic template styles and layouts: text, 250x350ish, a stackable format (as if it was an item in a list), and then a detailed post with multiple images and clear price and CTA. Fully customizable, but with prebuilt style themes for quick use.
    • Would add schema tags appropriately for review, aggregate review, and product correctly
    • Could create a product comparison table
    • Link localization
    • link tracking

    So these are some features that my ultimate Amazon plugin would come with, what features would yours have?