What extension do you guys use to turn on your proxy on your PC?


Jan 7, 2023
What extension do you guys use to turn on your proxy on your PC?

I want to get a proxy from sellers here, but what extension or software I use to put the details in it, I was using multi-login and they have their own thing for proxies, but I want to use it on my own PC + google chrome

and advice?

I am using selenium with it
I would use proxifier.

It has a section, if I remember correctly, in proxification rules, where you specifically put where you want the Proxy to run.

If you want only in Chrome, if you want only in a specific program on your PC, or if you want on the entire PC, you can configure it.
Thank you for sharing this cuz a lot of people keep recommending foxy proxy, and the problem with that extension that it is linked inside google chrome not sure how to work it with python selenium
You can use OpenVPN and add a socks5 proxy. Works great if you get a Static Residential socks5
You can use proxy switchyomega extension. It works absolutely fine with Chrome. You can also use foxyproxy for Firefox.
foxyproxy is good one
yeah but it does not work with python selenium automation?

If you're using Chrome you don't actually need an extension and can do this natively via the command line --proxy-server parameter. See here for info on this

If you're using Python & Selenium already then this could be the best solution for you. See here for more info directly relating to Selenium + Chrome
Going to try the StackOverflow solution hope it works, you tried it before?
Going to try the StackOverflow solution hope it works, you tried it before?

Have often used the --proxy-server parameter with Chrome however haven't combined it with Selenium before. Should be fairly straightforward though as it's doing more or less the same thing.

Best of luck!
For Chrome i use this:
And if you want to set the proxies system wide you can use Duckdns to set proxy in your router.

You mentioned seleinium it's for automation if you use via python then you can set proxy in it .
like that:

from selenium import webdriver
from selenium.webdriver.common.proxy import Proxy, ProxyType

prox = Proxy()
prox.proxy_type = ProxyType.MANUAL
prox.http_proxy = "ip_addr:port"
prox.socks_proxy = "ip_addr:port"
prox.ssl_proxy = "ip_addr:port"

capabilities = webdriver.DesiredCapabilities.CHROME

driver = webdriver.Chrome(desired_capabilities=capabilities)

Normally private proxies vendor supports IP based auth then it's good to go to use without user and pass authorisation in the code.
I have tested proxifier not satisfied..The best results and very simple program i iam using now is SosckCap64 3.6 version. Try you wouldnt regret it..
You can use foxy proxy for this
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