What efforts do you put into CPA PPC campaigns?

Discussion in 'CPA' started by hostie, Jul 13, 2011.

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    Well, I've always dealt with short term black hat CPA methods, never actually jumped on the long term wagon (Sounds dumb, right?)

    Well, what efforts would you put into whoring a campaign via PPC?

    Would you:
    Create landing pages with articles linking to your offer?
    Send your PPC campaign right to the offers landing page?
    Do immense amounts of keyword research to narrow down long tails and micro niches?

    Basically I just want a push in the right direction, unless you've got a better idea rather than going the PPC route. I just feel like I could blow A LOT of money before making any.

    I'm also open to paying for someone for 1 on 1 mentoring to keep my pockets full, rather than watching money fly out of the window testing.

    Any advice you can share on CPA long term earnings would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys