What eBay listing sites/software are you using to list products on eBay?

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by kilaz, Jul 28, 2014.

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    I've looked at Auctiva, Inkfrog and Vendio and have seen some others I've never heard of like eSellerPro and pushauction but all have a bunch of mixed reviews..
    I'm looking to re-start on ebay about with 200-300 items that I have in stock locally. What do you guys recommend? Is there something else other then what I listed that I should check out?
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    If you have a Mac then GarageSale is absolutely awesome. When I started selling on eBay a few years back people were saying that the ads get designed nicely so your sales may go up. In my experience they did, I had to purchase a used Mac online but it was surely worth the $59 for a beat up Macbook that needed a hard drive.

    If not Bonanza works pretty well. You get the bonus that all your items are listed on Bonanza and sent to Google, Bing, Nextag, and a few other sites. Orders from eBay automatically show up on Bonanza and it's all synced automatically a few times a day. These days eBay likes to dick around with you, so it's probably best if all your items are on multiple venues.

    Also not sure if you logged into your eBay account recently but there's a fairly good chance they've limited you to 10 sales a month or 1,000 dollars whichever comes first. You can get it raised to 100 and 5,000 pretty easily by calling but you're not going to be able to list all your items if you haven't been on eBay for a while. Sometimes they also limit you once you start listing again.
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    inkfrog is good for multiple accs.