What does my traffic tell me about my site?

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    I made a site a month ago that got put on the back burner due to things going on in my life. All I did on the site was put 6 articles up, 1 picture per article, and put in a nice theme.

    My plan was to to use amazon affiliate in the articles and eventually adsense to try to pull in a profit.

    Well, now that my life is slowing down again, I was going to jump back in to try and make some money. (This is my first site) I signed into my cpanel and this is what is shows.
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    I was absolutely shocked to see that I had any traffic at all. From my time on these forums, I was under the impression that you could only receive traffic after doing some sort of SEO. Is this normal? Does it get a boost in traffic when starting then go down?

    I see all the numbers and that is great, but I don't know what information I should be taking out of this.

    What I have so far:

    The average user is returning 4 times.
    Each time viewing 1-2 pages.

    I just don't understand why they are returning 4 times if they are only viewing 1 or 2 pages, because I have 6 articles on there. Are they not interesting enough?