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    Full Service Marketing Packages

    25% Commission Paid

    That's up to $318.75 on one sale!

    How it works

    Our affiliate program is free and easy to join.

    You can advertise your affiliate link just about anywhere!

    On your website, in a newsletter or ezine, or even sending your link to friends and associates. Once someone clicks on your link they will be transported to our web site where your affiliate referral information is logged.

    When your customer makes a purchase,
    you will be credited with the sale!

    Why Join our Affiliate program?

    1.) We offer services that actually sell online.

    2.) I have tested the web page sales copy extensively to get the best converting web page with the fewest returns. Hopefully, this testing should result in one of the highest earning products you sell.

    3.) My affiliate marketing results are incredible, which will mean higher conversions for you.

    4.) This service is also priced 50% lower than similar programs.

    5.) We've been around since 2000 so you know your commission will still be here tomorrow.

    6.) We use cookies to track all sales, so you will receive commissions on customers that return to our site even if they don't buy the first time.

    7.) Becoming an affiliate marketer is FREE. We're not going to charge you to join.

    8.) I am also an affiliate marketer and want to provide you with the best customer service on the Internet. Please e-mail me for idea's or any help you need:


    After signing up let me know so I can give you some great traffic sources just for BHW members.
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