What does a VPS and a CPA offer have in common?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by AmazinAzn, Jul 7, 2008.

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    I just had an idea and wasn't completely sure if it would work so I thought I would ask here.

    What does a VPS and a CPA offer have in common? Money. A VPS costs money and a CPA offer can make you money.

    I don't know exactly how a VPS works but I'm guessing once you have one you use TeamViewer or something to control it. Since every VPS has its own IP you could easily complete your own offers. I know completing your own offers is kinda dumb and to really get your money's worth with this you would have to find a cheap VPS and a CPA offer that's worth much more than what you paid for the VPS. To really make any money with this method you would have to keep buying a new VPS and complete what ever offer you choose. I went ahead and did the math for you so you can see how much you could make.

    The Math:
    VPS costs: $15
    CPA offer worth: $40

    Say you buy 10 VPS's that's $150. One completed offer for each VPS would make you $400. So, $400-$150= $250, your total profit is $250.

    Let's say you found a Promo code that's 50% off your VPS.

    VPS costs: Roughly $7
    CPA offer worth: Still $40

    Say you buy 10 VPS's that's $70. One completed offer for each VPS would make you $400. So, $400-$70= $330, your total profit is $330.

    I've never bought a VPS so I'm not really sure if this would be worth it but if it is, go ahead and try it out.
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    No, not going to work. Heck why not just use dial up if your going to do that...it gives you new ips also. Anyway its just going to get you banned.
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    That could be a great idea however, the highest paid CPA offer require more than a fresh IP adress, you will need phone number, SSN sometimes in other word a complete new identity and sometimes you will have to buy something ,like shipping and handling fees, or at least give some Credit Card info. So I don't know how you will make up all those informations with no additionnal costs. If you do know a way to do it for free or for very cheap then you idea will be doable and profitable I believe.
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    the only "safe" way to get away with this would be to have semi-legit traffic to throw at the offer to cover your tracks AND you'd need at least 10-20 CPAs from different aff networks. You couldn't take $500 worth of non-converting leads and think they'd let you get away with that for long. You might stand a chance taking $25 from 20 different aff companies. ok, i'm just saying is all...

    good luck.
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    Yeah, it might work for a short while. But eventually the advertiser is going to notice that zero of your leads are converting into paying customers and will notify the CPA network. They'll in turn either tell you to stop promoting those offers, or will ban you from the network altogether. They may even decide to keep the money they owe you.