What Do You Think Of This Music Video?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by Malprave, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. Malprave

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    Dec 2, 2011
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    There has being a lot of talk whether certain videos will go viral or whatever so thought I may aswell get thoughts.


    So yeah, thoughts?
    No my video, saw it on facebook.
  2. Chris7up

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    Oct 8, 2011
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    This has viral potential but nowadays videos like these are obvious trolls trying to obtain viral status which kinda ruins it in my opinion. You can tell by what he wrote in his description of the video. obvious troll is obvious.

    If he had worked really hard on this video and naturally thought he was "super cool" like how Rebecca Black worked hard on "Friday" and thought she could actually sing etc THEN it could potentially go of what my definition of become a "viral" video.

    Anyway, i would just buy views/comments/ratings on that video and let him fool everyone although it seems like a lot of people are already calling him out for trolling in the comments. It wont go as far as "Hot Problems" did. (a high production music video of 2 girls trying to sing bad on purpose in hopes of a viral video like rebecca black..only 14 million views in 2 months not that impressive)

    Curious though on who gave this video the initial push.
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    Jarred strikes again!
  4. Breakz

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    Jul 7, 2012
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    What the fk is this :eek: