What do you look for in an outsourcing company ?

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    I just seen the show outsourced (Sorry but I thought it was about as funny seeing baby being tossed into a blender) and I have seen some outsourcing comapnies on this forum so I would like to ask, what do you look for in a outsourcing company ? Do you care if they are based in India ? I have seen that you can get 40 hours a week for 4 weeks for $350 for one outsourcing worker so if I am going to pay that what tasks would you aquire them to do? e.g virtual assistant, artical writting etc.
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    in my experience communication and logistics are the biggies.

    i am a programmer and I have outsourced to international programmers.

    I consider myself to be an excellent communicator - i draw diagrams and mockups and specify instructions with links and pictures and I do VERY elaborate instructions.

    And still, there are communication issues.

    Its the nature of human interaction.

    So its worth paying for someone who is good at the interaction part -- which is hard online.