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What Do You Expect?

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by dragiia, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. dragiia

    dragiia BANNED BANNED

    Apr 28, 2014
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    This was originally a comment on someone's journey, but I've felt this way often from reading other's journeys, so I'm posting it here to hear other's opinions.

    I don't really understand why people think they can outsource everything from the beginning and still expect success. 95% of people fail at returning any substantial profit through online ventures and you want to outsource everything from the keywords to the content on the website. I could see this working if you understand the niche well and delegate a lot of start-up capital and time, but it seems like you are just trying to do as little as possible. Now if this is just a small venture that you are experimenting with, then that's fine, but I wouldn't expect this journey to result in anything substantial unless you put in the work.

    You ordered these keywords from someone online through a "Black-hat" community and then you are ordering some articles from another person you found in the marketplace section , so why do you expect a positive result? If these are such good keywods, and all it takes it throwing some money at half-assed articles ( which is what you'll get paying $5-$15 an article ), what's stopping anyone else with half a brain from doing the same? Unless you are a god at building reputable back-links or you plan to edit each article thoroughly, what makes your site an "authority". Authority means it's a leading source for content in your niche, not that it has "x" amount of articles. The amount of article you have on the website does not make it authority. What about your site is going to encourage me to visit it again or share it with my friends?

    I apologize from being so negative as I myself have not made much through online means either, but I hate to see people dumping money into useless ventures only to be encouraged by others that are attempting to do the same. It's like a friend that encourages you to smoke cigarettes; if you smoke cigarettes too, it makes your friend feel a little bit better about themselves because another person is doing the same thing. In the essence of this post, it's others that are dumping money into useless articles and keyword research and then expecting good results.

    That, or this post was made to market your own content writing or keyword businesses found in the marketplace section. If I wanted to be a jack-ass, I would make 5-20 different blackhat accounts, age each one and occasionally comment on other's posts to build legitimacy, then I would start a "journey" and then link to my service 25% of the time while using my other accounts to encourage and back the services that the "journey account" mentions. If I wanted to be a super jack ass, I would do this with 100 accounts and build a community around myself.

    /rant over - Good luck
  2. Noctur

    Noctur Newbie

    Aug 1, 2013
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    tl;dr, well kinda read it. Hmm... Let's just say I skimmed through it. If I understood what you are saying, than I agree with you 100%. It really amazes me that (and I was here for 5+ years now) people still think that when a person promotes a service for "just 25! bucks" and tells you that you'll be making 10 times that in a day.

    Ever stop and think why wont that person do the whole thing to themselves (what ever service they offer) and scale it like crazy?