What did the speakers say about the inaugural event?

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    Here are just some of the testimonials from UnGagged Vegas Nov 14.

    'There was one thing that stood out about my Ungagged experience: the complete and utter lack of pretension and bullshit. I saw people come together, out of the blue, and get shit done and frankly, that?s amazing. There are way too many conferences where people leave full of ideas but no bloody idea how to execute. Ungagged was quite the opposite. I saw people executing in the hallways. I?m scared shitless of what this conference is going to become ? and in a good way'.

    Erika Napoletano Host / Keynote Speaker

    "What was great about Ungagged for CopyPress and for me personally was the high caliber of attendees. For a first time conference taking place in Las Vegas I was able to network and close deals with people from as far away as Australia, Lithuania, and Sweden. This wasn't a script kiddie conference, this was a conference for successful marketers looking to level up."

    Joe Sinkwitz aka Cygnus SEO

    What is truly unique and special about Ungagged is everyone in attendance wanted to be there. As a speaker attending other sessions, all of the other presenters were more than generous with the information and strategies they shared. And they all made themselves very accessible for questions. Not only did you learn what worked, but you also learned what didn't. There were also great networking opportunities. For anyone thinking about attending, the biggest difference between Ungagged and other marketing conferences is this isn?t a giant pitch-fest.

    Jacob Hagberg / Speaker

    Hi Craig, mate - we loved it! And loved hanging out with you and the UnGagged team. Congrats again on a ripping event!

    Luke McCormack Business Manager Flippa / Speaker

    I just wanted to express my gratitude to Craig for inviting me to speak at the conference and that it was great to meet all of you and spend time with the group. Had a great time and met some wonderful people.

    Look forward to seeing you all again soon. Let me know if there is any way I can help in the future.

    Thanks, John Limbocker / Speaker

    Glad to have met everyone and I've got to say hats off to Craig and Damien for putting together the most enjoyable conference I have ever been to - and they nailed it on their first crack of the whip!

    Excited to see what the future holds!

    Matthew Woodward / Speaker

    Just WOW! Meeting the legendary speakers was awesome. Hearing the war stories and seeing the good outcomes of bravery was inspiring.
    Everyone was so open, given the closed nature of the UnConference theme.
    Thanks again Damien and Craig for the invite. Scott, Erika and Jerry were funny as hell. Meeting Brian, Gavin, Dave and Joe, Loren, Matt, and Murray was so cool.

    SEMrush will take to heart all of your thanks, encouragement and wishes. I hope we helped. When you need something, please reach out. See you in 2015!

    Michael Stricker Director of Marketing SEMrush / Speaker
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    If you missed UnGagged London 2015, you missed out. We didn't record our talks so there were no limits and our lucky attendees got sterling advice from world-class experts that was worth its weight in gold.

    Don't worry though, UnGagged Las Vegas tickets are still available at an amazing price (for now!). You can get even get an extra 20% off, quoting the discount code BHW. Ungagged Tickets

    Find out what you missed and get an idea of what's in store in November from the London video below:

    Visit UnGagged.com for more information or continue the discussions on the BHW UnGagged Las Vegas 2015 sub-forum here: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/f227-ungagged-las-vegas/
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