What Could Possibly Do This?

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    So I ran across something curious today on my mobile phone.

    I'm subscribed to some writing feeds from Craigslist, meaning when someone posts a writing job in a city I get it through Feedly. I look at them habitually, though I never apply to them. It's a habit I developed when I was looking for clients.

    Anyway, I was checking my feeds through Feedly, and there are a bunch of them listing 9-5 jobs. So out of curiosity I clicked on one. It took me to eBay's classified site with the real job listing. However, before the page completely loaded, I was redirected to a different page.

    These pages varied from downloading a mobile app (one was for the Amazon app, or what I assume was the Amazon app) to a CPA offer. The funny thing is if I hit the x in my mobile browser before the page fully loaded (I use Chrome on my phone) it would stay on the classified site ad. It looks like a legit job listing - hours, salary, paid vacation, how to apply, etc. However, as stated before, if I allow the page to load all the way I get redirected.

    I checked to see if I had some kind of virus or something installed on my phone. Nope. Also it doesn't work for some job listings; when I click "view site" in Feedly it will take me to the original craigslist listing. But for the classified ads, you get redirected to something else. I should also tell you that it only works on mobile phones, because when I tried to access this same job listing on my laptop I didn't get redirected. So someone is redirecting these links if they are accessed by mobile phones to a CPA offer or app download.

    I've been on here all day digging through threads trying to find out what kind of script or program can do that and I've come up with nothing. I'm curious to know if anyone can help me out with this. I'm not looking to use this method but I love knowledge, and I hate not getting the answers to my questions.