What could be the consequences of me doing blatent linkdrops to web2.0s?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Ranko Jones, Jun 29, 2011.

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    Mar 3, 2011
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    I have been doing experiments to index some of my links which are proving hard to index.

    I have put up a web2.0 with blog . co. uk and dumped a load of links on there. I chose this one going by 'targethut' that tells you the fastest indexed. It said they index stuff within the hour but that was obv. way off cos the site still wasn't indexed within the week.

    So I made a network of web2.0s with nuke and dumped a cpl links to where my rss feeds are on free hosting and also to that blog site. This seemed to get it indexed by the next day or two.

    Thing is only the front page is indexed and not the actual links on the individual pages. So now I am resubbing links of the individual pages to the web 2.0s through nuke.

    I was wondering what trouble I could get into for this? Obv. the individual web2.0s could suspend my account but could they do more like tell on me to G to get me reviewed?

    It doesn't matter that much if I get suspended from one or two but getting told on to G or some others as a spammer could be a prob if I get blacklisted.

    Is this likely?

    My vague plan has been to keep spamming then the ones I get suspended form cross them off the list for future subs- so far hubpages and terapad (hubpages has always been really strict tho form my exp. even with 'quality content')

    Like I say I'm not linking directly to money site but still the links will all follow to my money site through 2 or 3 layers. Is this another case of the old saying 'if you could get in trouble for it we could all do the same to our competitors and get them banned'?

    Also does anyone have suggestions for an easier way of doing what I have been doing- i.e. getting my mass blast links onto high pr sites so they get indexed quicker?