What constitutes "weak competition"

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by ichiban, Jun 17, 2011.

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    Ok, so when conducting keyword research we're targeting:

    Relevant Keywords
    High Commercial Value
    Decent to High Search Volume
    Low Competition

    My Question is....what the hell constitutes low comp?

    My guess is PR<3 or less, 100 internal page links or less & poor OFF Page SEO?
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    I tend to take a look at the first page pretty in depth, starting with tools like Market Samurai.

    I'll also load up SEOQuake too before going to Market Samurai for initial investigation. Checking PR of the pages on the first page, checking domain age, checking for incoming links.

    I'll then browse the top 5 or 6 manually as well and see what the sites like, is it legit? Is it from a huge domain with crazy domain authority?

    After that I'll analyze with Scrapebox the backlinks (if I think I found a winner) and do PR checks on the links that the domain is receiving.

    Generally that's enough to determine the competition.
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    I have to agree there are not really any hard and fast numbers. For one thing not everyone has the same knowledge, resources, and skills so the definition of easy is not the same for everyone.

    The first page is all that matters, all the other numbers really do not mean anything. Look at the guys at #10, #5 and #1, and ask yourself two questions. Can you beat them any of them? If you can will the payoff be worth the work involved? If the answer is yes to both then you go for it, if not you let it go and move on.
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