What cloaking software did he use?

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    1) when you type tinnitus miracle into google, you will see 2 ads below. When you click on them, they are linking directly to the landing page.

    when you right click ads, and go to "properties", the urls seem to be encoded.
    Does anyone know how he did this?

    I believe he is using some kind of cloaking software, as the ads has been running for a long period of time without getting banned.

    Anyone know what cloaking software is he using?

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    2) I also like to find out if there is a script in the market that does this.
    - when people search using google search box, they are bought to page A when they click on the adword ads

    any other visitor that comes from ANY OTHER sources such as clicking on the hyperlink or going typing the domain name, they are bought to page B.

    any one know of any script that does this?