What can you expect for $500/mo of regular paid Link Building?


Dec 2, 2009
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This is a topic I am thinking about since I started into SEO 4-5 years ago. I'm the type of guy that concentrates more on onsite factors and great fresh content than on link building, while I know this is probably the biggest ranking factor of all. I buy links on several trusted sites and do my whitehat seo with stable growing longtail traffic. But what I need to really make some large jumps in ranking are more quality links as I have everything else already in place. However I don't have the time and don't know enough places to build up free quality links, so my link building really requires an experienced SEO to do some regular link building over 6 or 12 months. I would invest $500 per month for that and yes, I know it's not much but it's the amount i want to invest into this for one website.
Before links are set I want to approve the location, no link should be set without my prior OK, this is the only way I see to be save of bad SEOs that will do anything for the $500 but no organic quality link building. The website that needs more links is a trusted high PR5 in the computer games genre so links can be built on a large amount of websites that deal with computer games.
My question to you guys is: What do you think, what can I expect for this monthly budget and who would do the job in a way you would like to have it done for your own websites?
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