What Can You Do From Keeping Your Site of Getting Penalized by Penguin...

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    Hope this helps some newbies.

    Following are a few steps which are worth paying attention to.

    1. Take a look at your website's backlink profile, identify the # of links that seems to be of low quality / spammy (websites that send out tons of links through only 1 submission. GWT would be helpful to identify those). After you have a list of list of links that are of low quality, get them removed as soon as you can. Yes, this is must.

    2. Take a look at your anchor text profile. Make sure that you have diversified anchor text profile. That means, no bulk links should be there focusing only on 1 or 2 keywords. The inbound links should have been distributed among multiple anchor texts. If you find that you have keywords focused anchor text (Non diversified) profile, then you'll have to create some more links focusing on a long phrase / partial match anchor texts.

    3. Check for content quality available on your website and try to improve them if you think that the quality is needed to be improved. Think from your user's mind and take decision accordingly.

    4. Create strong presence for your website on important social media platforms and share all your created links there with your fans / followers. A strong social media network would help you strong SEO profile for your website. You heard it right.

    5. Create quality content for your users as well as search engines and have it posted / distributed at the venues that make sense for your content. Probably niche areas of your theme would work well. You may also do guest blogging as well. Ensure high quality content's proper use.

    A pro tip. - If you feel / think that a link is not of high quality BUT it's relevant to your business / niche then feel free to take link from that venue BUT consider taking a link back on any internal page of your website rather home page. Normally the home page gets high % of links compared to any internal page.

    Keep your eyes open on the latest updates about Google Penguin and Google Panda and make sure that you keep your strategy updated/changed based on the updates that Google make.

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