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    Hi all...so there's a pretty popular website here on campus. It has many current students as well as alumnis. You sign up, make a profile...then the main functions are a message board and a classified list - popular for students to post books for sell or find books to buy from others. It also has a dating section.
    The website did look a bit unorganized and it seems that it no longer exists...so i thought it might be a good opportunity to start one like that, and im sure with offline marketing i could make it work! But...what exactly am i looking for? Is it more scripts? Like one for the classifieds, one for message boards, and one for dating? All is it all in one...because the forums are not vbulletin, nor phpbb...it was all blent in.
    Anyhow...basically what script out there can accomplish this? User signs up...can post a photo and some background info...then can look up books and other stuff as well as post for sale...message board...dating site...maybe other little things?

    Thank you!!
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    You could check out cms matrix, I can't post a link yet but you'll find it on google. You can figure out your requirements and then cross check to find the best option for you. Personally I don't like bridging to phpbb etc, it can cause too many problems.

    You could look at a cms called phpfusion, I used it in the past and has some good core modules to prevent a lot of hassles. Good luck!