what can and can't you do with the youtube API ? is it all fair game?

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    Hey all,

    I've been working on a big project recently, part of which is going to be pulling large amounts of videos from youtube and displaying them on websites. I then plan to send trafic to those sites from social media accounts and other websites.

    And then the goal is to have ads on those websites.

    I was just wondering if anyone can explain what the restrictions are for what I want to do. Like I know some big sites are doing the same thing (such as 9gag . tv) where they are displaying trending videos.. mostly "entertainment" videos.. pranks.. funny.. cute that kind of stuff.. and they're adding their own clickbait titles and descriptions and they seem to be doing well.

    But I am wondering at which point is it crossing the line. Like it may be ok for me to put a bunch of random funny/cute videos on a page.. but would it also be ok if I made it possible for users to sort/search and end up with a page that shows an entire youtube channel's videos? I know it says somewhere in the guidelines not to make websites that "feel similar to youtube" but it's not clear what you can and can't do.

    As another example, there's a huge amount of softcore porn on youtube.. cute girls dancing in their bikinis that kind of stuff. Is it fair game to pull these videos through the youtube api by searching for say "bikini dance" and then put that up on a website? Would the website need an "adult warning" ? Can I get into trouble for displaying a video that is publicly accessible on youtube and has it's "embed allowed" setting to true?

    Can I make a website that shows/sorts/categorizes video game speedruns for example?

    If you were doing this too.. and you had say 20 websites with different niches, would you consider it a bad idea to use the same google adsense account on all of them? Does google encourage this kind of api usage?

    Can someone ask me to remove their publicly available video from my website?

    Anything else I should be concerned about with what I've mentionned in this post?

    I know it's a lot of questions.. so thanks a lot if anyone takes the time to answer partially or fully.

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