what better to me in web 2.0

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    sorry for this noob question
    i have site and made some web 2.0 to it
    and i wrote an article about the niche i want
    so i want to add more articles to these web 2.0 from my site
    is better to make new web 2.0 site to these articles or write it in the same web 2.0 sites that i made before?
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    To be honest you should make a lot more web 2.0s than just one. 10 is a good amount to start with. After that you can add 2-3 posts to each of those web 2.0s, this will ensure that web 2.0 looks more authoritative in gogoles eyes and is not spam. Also web 2.0 sites are less likely to delete it.

    If you feel like that would be too much content to write, use spinning. Write 2-3 unique articles and then spin those, either manually or using software (either the best spinner or magic rewriter would do the trick).
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