What article submission way is good for SEO


Dec 6, 2008
Hello members:

I am new to this forum. I just found this great forum and I like to thank you for creating a good forum for us to communicate.

I like to have one question relates to article submission. Which way is better in SEO?

1) Should I create 1 article and submit to 100 article directories?
2) Should I create 100 articles and submit to 1 article directory?

Is 1) better than 2) or 2) better than 1)?

you should create 100 original or spun articles and submit them to 100 article directories. That`s your answer.
I would have to agree with aliskorn you have to put in a good amount of work if you really want your site to get good quality backlinks. Go the extra mile it will be worth it.
When you take your one article and spin it 100 ways you'll want to focus on a keyword to optimize for your site. Pay careful attention to the article's title and and anchor text you use in the html links. Also don't stuff your article with too many related keywords or it won't be as effective. If you have other keywords that you'd like to SEO your site for do another 100 article set - rinse repeat.
Thanks. How do I use the keyword links? if my site is about dating, then I should use "dating" for the author's links?
Remember also that the resource box can contain links to unrelated sites. Always take advantage of the 3 anchor links that are available.
i would agree with making 100 articles and submitting them to 100 directories :)
Love the topic!

So are you saying submit 100 unique articles to various article sites. I mean if I use 50 article directories I would submit the 100 articles to each directory?

Or do I split them up?

I started dabbling in article marketing and it helped one of my websites to outrank the manufacturer on page 1 for a long tail keyword I targeted. The article is about 6 months old now. I submitted that same article to 3 directories and to a few free blog sites.

I now want to duplicate my success, but I want to do it the best way there is.
I am also a noobs, my knowledge is also very much limited, I am just sharing what i have learned. If i am wrong Experts plz rectify.

If you post same article to 100 directories you may have visitors but it is not SEO friendly.Search engine only indexes few of them. In the back link point of view if you post one unique articles to one directory and if that is shared by others you will get lots automatic back links when you post 100 new article-each one to only one directory.
For good SEO you don't need to post to 100s of directories because some have very few visitor. I think posting to directories with high PR ranking and those who give access to free article sharing is good enough.Try to write articles with catchy headline. Write your article such a way that people can use it for there sites.

You have started a good thread, i have learned some good method from senior marketers.Wish to learn more.
Thanks everybody.
can anyone suggest a good program that will submit 100 articles to 100 sites. I mean I have seen some that automate one article to many sites, but what software can take 100 and submit to 100 sites?
Folks, if want success. Follow my guide listed above. It's automated, and it's a system. Proven.

Not doubting it, but what is a good article post robot that would submit multi articles?
Not doubting it, but what is a good article post robot that would submit multi articles?

Article Post Robot IS the software to do that. You can also try Unique Article Wizard (UAW), but it's quite expensive (I had to cancel the subscription :().

By the way, does anyone here know where to outsource spinable articles? (to use with PAR or UAW)
I totally agree with Jeeper but I would hope that you try the friendly writers HERE on BHW before you spend your money elsewhere.

The holidays are coming and I know many people are really hurting.

Remember the words of the late, great, poofdah, Barney.

Sharing IS Caring:smashfrea
I just canceled my membership with Article Marketer. It does well in submitting your articles, but I noticed although they had GoArticles listed as one of the article directories they submitted to my articles were not showing up there. Plus, a lot of your articles go to some small unknown article directories. You get all their emails or mail undeliverables in your email box. I would much rather submit to article directories that I set up myself instead of depending on a submitter that submits to just about any article directory. The other issue was some of the article directories do not correspond with the subject matter in your article.

It is a good product with seamless submission. Assistance with your articles if you had errors in them (they would point them out. It was up to you to edit them). I guess I'm just ready to try something else.
Will you please see this sales page? I think what you are looking, a submitter who posts unique articles to each directory, is given here. It creates unique content by a new method not by spinning.
Write 10 articles, spin each one 100 times, and submit to 100 articles to 10 sites (there really isn't many more good ones..). Or better yet, submit half of those articles, and use the other half to create blogger blogs, squidoo lenses, hubpages, etc.. and link back to your main site.
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