What are your favorite backlinking services on here and why?

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    What are some of the services or threads providing backlinking services you have used here at BHW that did good and improved your rankings?

    Looking for others opinions!
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    I'd like to know this as well if anyone has any input.
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    i'd like to know the same as well, we need something that ranks.
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    i want to know as well
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    Service Review
    The way to decipher the best services is:

    1. Learn SEO
    2. Know what you need
    3. Filter services by your needs
    4. Check the reviews
    5. Discredit reviews by:

    A. New Accounts
    B. Old Accounts with an Extremely Low Post Count
    C. Guys 'vouching' for people because they are 'friends'
    D. Anyone who says "I used this service on another forum!"

    6. Ask the seller for a sample of work
    7. Ask the seller expected results based on your KW
    8. Do a small purchase as a trial run
    9. Ask the seller how to improve the results and if anything on your site is holding you back
    10. Repeat

    No service is one size fits all. No service will rank you on its own.

    The marketplace is the cheapest source for 'quality' link building on the net. Hands down. But their are sharks in the water and you must know what you are doing.

    When looking for an 'agency' you need to ask questions. If you are just buying PBN / Web 2.0 links, you should not expect a huge boost. Nor should you expect the seller to look at your website. You are buying one link type.

    If you buy a package, or hire an agency you should ask questions and have them look at your site if you are not sure. I have a dummy site I have up which I KNOW has onpage issues, but I am busy. I do buy links on occasion to that site to test sellers before funneling more expensive projects to them. If I ask why I am not ranking and they say, "We only sell links" I dump them. I get it, you sell links. But you are selling 'a complete SEO service'.

    Some sellers I always have a pleasure working with are:

    - Tommy
    - Rankspire
    - 7th Amigo
    - The SEO
    - Deki
    - Ofuturenet (Or what ever that agencies name is that sells pyramids, profile links, and manual web 2.0s)
    - A LOT more I am missing.

    I have quite a few good sellers I work with. The difference is I only expect to get the links as stated. I have had better results with other sellers, but the work was of poor quality and the businesses were not worth working with.

    Tommy offers quality services at a quality price. But he is ALWAYS willing to talk to you and explain 'why' if you are a customer. He will tell you NOT to buy his service if it is not the right fit.

    Rankspire ALWAYS does quality work, great customer service, and is 'innovative'. Testing new SEO theories and selling services at VERY reasonable prices. Some of the best Web 2.0s I have received were from him just because his agency includes 'extras' such as location data EVERYONE else misses and makes your site look less 'real'.

    7th Amigo provides great Web 2.0 properties. Some are one page with spun articles for a good price, up to him creating a Web 2.0 network which articles are regularly posted. Great work and a value.

    The SEO is the person I have worked with the LEAST on this list. Again, I ask stupid questions (I ordered a long time ago, I was noobish still) and he answered my questions. He offers a decent service at a good price. He understands what a 'good' property is and provides the same work for you as he would himself. The links he provides are not automated crap but good links, which I appreciate.

    Deki is my GSA List guy now. Before that he was my ONLY Pumper Site guy. The web 2.0s are good quality, and tier two and three were always amazing. I learned quite a bit about how to structure my link building from him and he gets RESULTS.

    Ofuturenet (I wish I could remember the user name) provides cheap link pyramids, bookmarks, manual 2.0s and profile links. I use their bookmarks to index a LOT of my work and I use their Profile links to power sites up. Inexpensive and quality work every time.

    I could go on all day. Every person on this list I buy links to do a specific job. It is NEVER to rank my site. It is always one piece to the puzzle. If you think of the marketplace in that light you can save a lot of money and get some amazing work done at a great price.
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    Lot of good service provider here in BHW. Read about seo and then ask for service samples in the marketplace.