What Are Your Blogging Mistakes?

Not posting regularly, it's better to write less often and release on a schedule than to have bursts where you write a lot of posts and then nothing for weeks at a time.
I personally think that click bait titles and writing something that is useless to read about are the two worst things for me.
most common mistakes? i can list it. most of them are from my own experiences :

-Have no idea about market demand. not all our niche has a good demand.

-Keyword planner. Have to learn how to use it. If we want to get good ranking-SEO, then keyword planner
will help for starting

-marketing. most of starter think that after posting a few articles, traffic will come easily without any
marketing task.

what I learn from others and my own experiences, keep posting content everyday and active in social media
will help.and the content should in high quality type with unique writing...

consistent will all of the tasks(writing,posting,sharing bla bla..) we can see a positive result at least in 3-6 months.
If you use paid marketing like adwords,Fb ads, you can earn ROI faster....
Their Plan will be like this
1.Morning - Strat blog
2. Evening - Start to get Money
3. Next day - Become a Millionaire

Pretty much as above.

Very high financial expectations from something that pretty much any retard with a PC and an Internet connection can do...
Not drilling down and focusing on a specific niche.

Blogs that try to touch on 10 different subjects are doomed to fail.

Although it may be boring, I truly believe the key to a successful blog is focusing on one thing and doing it extremely well.
mistake is to make blog with only purpose to squeeze money
when you do your blog about something that you like or at least understand you'll attract your audience and find good ways to monetize it
Improperly defining the niche, too broad of a niche, too many unrelated topics (<--- blogger loves raising show chickens, cat memes and antique horns and thinks everyone wants to read about all that stuff together which by the way they don't)
Crappy design which turns readers off more than people realize
Not focusing on building a subscriber list
Trying to monetize before either gaining trust of readers or just having authority in the niche
Focusing on one social media platform for sharing while ignoring the others
Thinking it is a get rich quick endeavor
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