What are you using to upload posts on wordpress?


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Sep 2, 2012
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Do you upload each post manually, have a VA do it or use some kind of tool?

Would love to hear good tools for uploading posts and schedualing it.
The Perl language has a Wordpress module. Just plug in your username/pass and write scripts that will upload whatever you want. Perl is a great botting language, every SEO should know a little.
Did you know WP has an "email to post" feature in Settings > Writing.

You could easily put together a script to email your articles in the correct formatting on a regular basis. That's how I'd do it.
I have a VA write/rewrite some articles and post it then manually. Might outsource the actual posting + formatting + finding the right pictures soon as well as it takes up too much time for me
its based on your purpose
if you want to grab others article directly to your site then it can be made by a bot
also if you want to spin other articles, that also can be done by a bot
if you would like to update your wordpress from 3rd party site rss feed, then search for a plugin out there
if you want to copy other site content, then you also can use an automated bot
if you are creative and want to post unique article, then do it yourself or hire a article writer for your blog
i'll use ftp client like filezilla when i upload large. they work well.
Import through CSV but if you want it to look real nice, a VA is better suited to your needs.
yeah CSV and ftp client very convenient.
For bulk upload text files I use txtaspost plugin, is free .
when i'm not posting something manaully i upload a csv via ftp. simple stuff.
There are many tools which support self hosted wordpress in terms of posting and updating content. But doing it manually when you have time would give you the best results as you can customize things like you want.
Yeap, manually is usually the best way to upload for me. Also manually checking that all the format is well done (h1, h2 tags in place).

In the good old times with my autoblogs network this was all done by my robots.
I do it all manually, so I can also configure the plugins and choose the right categories.
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