What Are You Telling Your Clients that Received Google's Love Letter?

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    I thought it might make an interesting thread to hear from the agency reps and individual SEOs here on the forum what it is they're telling their clients who received the 'notice of unnatural links' notice from Google.

    For my organization, we've always had caveats for link devaluations and search engine rearchitecting in our TOS; and, luckily, only had 5 out of just over 200 monthly clients affected. To paraphrase, our agreements basically state that such things happen with no forewarning and despite our best efforts to foresee such things, backlinks can be removed tomorrow altogether as a ranking factor (believe it or not, yes, we are that honest).

    I have a feeling, though, most individual, full-time SEOs and perhaps even a few larger agencies were caught with their pants down.

    So! What are you telling your clients who received the notice? How are they reacting; and, what changes (if any) have you made to your agreements/TOS?
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    Only had one so far and was able to say see I told you the other guys didn't know what they were doing. Worked like a charm probably because it was true.
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