What are the top three white hat SEO methods now besides Facebook?

Social signals, ethical and natural link building and long term goals is the key to SEO.
Promotion through any/every google product/feature (ie. authorship): they favour their own assets (YT, blog..)

Look how theyre managing to grow g+ even though it sucks and no one needs/wants another platform. Part of it is marketers using it because it is new, but also you can see that just like fb, apple, etc. 'dont be evil, but its ok to do evil' google wants to build its own walled garden...so you better operate in line with whats coming. thats the platform business i guess
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I would say thematic links (aka links from related site).
+1 in Google+ with other social signs can kick your ranks but I think it is slow by itself so use it with other methods.
Like Jedy said, links from relevant sites. Also continuing to add unique content to build your site up to be an authority site and add some social signals is a good start! Good luck!
Like Darkmatrix said above, adding quality content is a great way to increase SEO

Add a blog to you site and have one of the writers in the market place write up 20-25 original articles for your blog (at least 150 words long per article, a good thing to remember that its always quality over quantity) then post one five nights a week for a month

Done this before and traffic increased, about to do it again. Thinking about posting sunday-thursday night to allow time for the new content to be crawled
twothings matter most in seo now.high pr links and relevance
The best three SEO methods for long term results, according to my idea are:
Niche keyword backlinking
Article submission which is copy escaped
Web 2.0
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