What are the steps I need to take to profit from websites?

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    And all the tools I need? I've signed up for clickbank and cj and have a paypal(with cash in it). I haven't decided what products I want to sell yet but what other tools will I need and what do I need to learn(besides using the search function) to succeed at SEO?

    I see people talk about checking their website's ranking. What program do I use when I have a website? Keywords? Basically a lot of the basics I'm ignorant of and would like to turn this into a F.A.Q because all the different threads I read will mention certain things that assume I know exactly what they're talking about and how to use it. I've checked out Fiverr and bought a gig yesterday so I'm aware of that.

    I'm not asking for anyone's secrets but just a basic guide to educating myself so I can start to profit with my own ideas and work. A glossary would be helpful as well.
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