What are the REAL TOP Videos Websites !

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    Hey fellows

    First, I have to say that's for a affiliate marketing purpose.

    So it would help me but also it could help a lot of people here ! :)

    I have good results with Youtube, not a lot, but that worth it and asks only a few hours per week.

    There is a lot of "best videos sites" lists on the web : youtube of course, dailymotion, metacafe, etc.. However, as you know, a big majority of sites don't worth it :rolleyes:

    For example : I tried Traffic Geyser and Tubemogul and I had about 5% of sales in addition to Youtube. But those $5 make me working the double of the time I take for Youtube ! :(

    As a lot don't worth anything, which ones exactly worth it for affiliate marketing purpose ?!

    On the web, we can find some lists with 15-25-50 best video sites lol :p

    -> But which ones exactly worth it for affiliate marketing purpose ?!
    What are the REAL TOP VIDEO SITES with Real Traffic ?! Some people told me it could worth it with only about 5 particular sites, some other people 10 max.

    I would be glad if you could help me just by giving the name of the videos sites that worth it.

    I searched A LOT on BHW and the net, but no real answer to my wondering (except obvisous sites ...) and I've searched during the last 2 days !

    The best thing would be that there would be only 3-4 worthing videos websites, but share about 75-90% of the traffic, so that means less logins, less account creation, less uploads, less Proxies to use, less banishment, etc ..

    But I still don't know which ones ...


    Thanks A LOT !!!


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