What are the laws in the UK for selling packaged food products online? Please help :)

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by LuckySeven7, Aug 17, 2012.

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    I cant seam to find it anywhere online, sorry guys; your help would be very much appreciated.

    Im starting a new online business in the UK where I buy bulk packaged goods from independant retailers and sell them via an online store.

    Is there any legislation I must comply with to carry out this venture? or can I just dive right on in?

    P.S - No meat products, just snacks, jams, condiments etc.
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    Not sure of the laws, but if I were doing this I would have rock solid ToS on the site clearly stating we were a products vendor only - that way if there is any problems relating with any products you sell, the responsibility switches to the product maker not you the middle man the site products vendor.

    I would get started and start banking some revenue while at the same time walking back to address the laws in the UK for selling packaged food products online?

    Dude make money the issues you are concerned with are no big deal right now - just make sure your ass is covered, now get started...

    Good Luck :)