What are the easiet cpa offers to convert on facebook would you say?

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    Sep 26, 2012
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    I have been doing a few different cpa offers promoting them on facebook groups and everyone asumes it is spam before they even click to see what it is. It is like they can just tell because i use a url shortener. is there any way around this to avoid from being thought of spam before people even look at it? But my main question is what woulde you say the best cpa offers to offer on facebook groups. I have tried ps4 and xbox one on video game forums and only had two conversions on those and it is only an email submit and pays a 1.40. I am posting in video game groups so it is targeted traffic. I am also doing weightlose and i am doing this offer that has a 2nd page to convert with a valid cc and havent got a convert yet and i m wondering the best type to do on facebook groups the boviouse answer are email submits tho they dont pay well. Im not asking for a ton of money i would be happ with 30 bucks a day which adds up to about 1000 dollars a month which is basically the amount i would make at working at walmart. I am starting to lose faith in Im but it is just not working for me and it would help me to know if anyone on here is earning with this type of method. Posting on facebook groups and it doesent have to be cpa just some type of affiate accept adsense. I could care a less about adsense because i dont have a website. But is anyone earning from amazon on facebook?