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Mar 29, 2010
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This might be a newbie type question but what are the best types of proxies to use with things like Alexa Booster, FatBoy's Traffic Generator, FastVisits, harvesting urls etc? I have gathered over 200,000 proxies and am running them through ProxyFire and it is outputting the proxies and organising them into the following types:

  • High Anonymous (L1)
  • Anonymous (L2)
  • Transparent (L3)
  • Socks
Out of those types, which is the best one to use? I have a feeling the first one is...

Cheers in advance!
If your going to use free ones, all those but Transparent (L3) would be okay i think.
Private Dedicated should be good.


Both provide this for very competetive rates.
The simplest answer is socks since you can "socksify" any tcp/ip connection in system-wide fashion with socks. No need for a program to support "proxies" and this is the most obvious benefit... It's very similar to what you do with a vpn minus the security layer.

But if you have programs that support in-app proxies, just go with L1 http proxies and you'll be good.
The best proxies are private proxies, where you can have desired anonymity (anonymous, elite) and proxy type (http(s) or socks) and be sure that they will be working. With public proxies you will always have some problems.
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