What are the best methods to do SEO of Oscommerce Website

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    Here is a basic list of things to do.

    - First, find a niche for your site and select a group of keywords.
    (proper keyword selection is essential and cannot be stressed enough)
    - Next, find link partners to backlink to your website.
    (links back to your website from high PR pages RELATED to your site are especially useful.)

    Now on to optimizing your osCommerce store.

    - Make sure your title tag as well as alt tags contain your selected keywords.
    - Make sure you have a sitemap that will help Google and other search engines spider your page.
    - Make sure to always have fresh content.
    These are just the basics, I cannot guarantee your site will increase in popularity but following these basic steps will certainly point your site in the right direction.
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    I come across this everyday in my day job.

    You need to make sure you have broken your product down into many categories and sub categories (be as thorough as possible).

    This increases the amount of pages you can have optimised title, meta, H1, text, alts and anchor links on.

    Optimise each page for the product that is on it, use the generic, and buying/longtail keywords of the products on page.

    In link each page to the others.

    Get page specific backlinks, using the page specific keyword as anchor text.

    Create a HTML and XML sitemap

    Create a robots.txt file and point it to the XML sitemap

    Get analytics - it will tell you things you would never known otherwise

    Create a blog, link it to your site, post about a product every 3 - 5 days, ensure you get keyword specific anchor text to the correct pages.

    This should give you a good start.
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