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What are the best methods for copyright uploaders that you've found?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by PredatorKingdom, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. PredatorKingdom

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    Jan 19, 2016
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    Hey for my copyright content creators out there, I got a question for you because I'm trying to find new strategies to avoid getting strikes in the future.

    What methods that you are comfortable with sharing here in the public have you found that have worked for you to avoid copyright strikes? I know for me there's some that I won't share just in case those copyright hunters read this forum but there's some that I'm willing to share with you guys as I've received less and less strikes over the past year than I did when I first started out earlier this decade.

    - One of the best methods I've ever found to avoid those copyright matches or blocked videos was the quarter screen method where your video size only takes up a quarter of the screen with a background included. I've been using this method for a good two years now and has worked for a very long time. It takes long to get the video up to YouTube because you have to render it twice but it's worth it.

    - Another method is one that comes with more and more experience and that's learning what companies don't go copyright hunting that hard. It takes some getting into trouble before you limit how many companies you mess with. Based on your niche you need to know this because you can gain a healthier channel in the long-term. I'm still making my mistakes these days on this but I've really limited how many companies I mess with.

    - This method here is one I'm really making a goal of mastering and learning this year and that's the tagging/coding method. A friend of mines who uploads copyright stuff first told me about this method over a year ago but I haven't concentrated on it as much as I should've. I've noticed that tagging videos sometimes can be a curse on getting it found but I've noticed that several videos get discovered without being tagged. Some people disguise this through placing videos in categories unrelated to the genre they have their videos in like for example a sports video in a People & Blogs category is more likely to stay up than a video in a Sports category but I have no idea how true this is. People also code their video titles without using the main keyword that gets it found by copyrighters. This actually works pretty well as I've seen major Hollywood titles up for several years due to this trick but I need to learn more about it first. It will be hard for YouTube ever crackdown on this so that's why I want to master it this year.

    - Growing unlisted method where you lead your viewers to where the real video is. I haven't mastered this one yet but I will work on trying it.

    - Last really good one I know about is an older one with copyright music where you just simply pitch or change the speed of the song to avoid copyright matches. I'm hoping though that the whole music cover thing will take care of this.