What are the best converting niches for youtube/cpa?

No one will tell you what are best niches right now because its only competition for them. But in general fake keygens, cracks, hacks or cheats will alwaya work because people wants free stuff
My advice, you promote the games that are hosted or best download. So the possibility of downloading more.

Starting rank videos, without ranking. Chances download very little, unless you plant a lot of backlinks pages into it
Gaming and tutorials worked great for me in the past. The other is Technology tutorials that makes some $$$ to pay bills and have food. It is tough to say other niches may work or not.
I just wanted confirmation that they will still fill out surveys in the gaming niche cos in that case I will stick with it and just work on getting more traffic.
Best niche work for me technology most of idevices problem and basic tutorial for tech problem ETC..

Don't do hacking,
fake, keygens, cracks, videos they will banned when you near to first pay out of $100

better to do your own work.
Basically, Content Locking!
Whether it is information they want or a software or what ever.
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