What are some other sites you guys visit?


Nov 15, 2008
Can anyone recommend some other sites they visit on a regular basis that have to do with making money online? Thanks in advance!
Google it...

just throwing out something:
digital point, wicked fire, warrior forums, ...

check em out
:D this is the best forum though:D
I agree. BHW is definitely my favorite. Just thought I'd see if there were any other hidden gems out there.
man i really dont have time to read other forums or site, I am already having overload on BHW. stick with BHW you will learn more than places like DP. HE HE!!
It's better to google from time to time to see whats new. That's how I found bhw. Beafor I was a Dp adicted and thought that don't exists a better forum.
Don't go to Warriorforum unless you are looking for advice from 50 year olds on how to build your white hat flower planting website.
Warrior forum sucks badly. Before I knew about this place I used to go there regularly and I was ALWAYS disappointed that they never actually taught anything. All they seemed to talk about is like "What is the best day to send an offer to my list" or "what colour works best for submit buttons". They seriously suck.

As for DP well, I never did get the bug. I signed up there as a favour to someone on here but I think I have like 0 posts and 0 itrader thingies (what the hell where they all about). From what I could see it was run by little kids, for little kids. Kinda like a huge nursery school LOL
Don't go to Warriorforum unless you are looking for advice from 50 year olds on how to build your white hat flower planting website.

Don't go dp unless you are looking for advice on how to be an idoit and get your account ban for no reason. :)
Back when I first started online I must have spent $200 on stupid ebooks from the WSO forum.

But I had the last laugh when I made $1k off of some crap book I wrote in one hour and sold to them.

It's a good place to go if you want to bank off of idiots.
I actually use all the forums mentioned for VERY specifics reasons:

1) Digital Point - sucks for info but I find it great for cheap link building, social bookmarking, and other outsourceable tasks...
2) Warrior Forum - Although some here disagree, I find value in the site for white hat techniques, and high quality marketing sources
3) BHW - Agreed with most that this is the best of the forums. Can't believe I waited this long to become involved
Ruck's Site (Cashtactics) is good:

For Good Copywriting Info, Copyblogger:

Frank Kern's Mass Control Blog has some good info:

Slightly Shady SEO has some interesting things:

Marketing To The Herd Mind:

The Shouting Zone:

Black Books Blog:

Black Hat SEO Diary:

Busin3ss's Black Hat SEO Blog:


That's to name a few anyway . . .

For IM-related info I browse WF, read webmaster blogs, and for BH I credit this forum as the most relevant community for that... but I do browse Syndk8. For other things relevant, I browse thefastlanetomillions. I'm a quick learner :)
As some of the users already said, I think DP is good if you're looking for some cheap links and outsourcing.. since I found bhw I'm sticking with it, you can find everything in here.. it's a gold mine
Eli blog, the only guy who wears blue hat

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