What Are Some of The Main Reasons GSA Links Get Deleted?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by BreaknBrix, Jun 21, 2015.

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    I've been working nonstop on 3 very large spinatax's. I spin ruthlessly deep. Like 30-40 hours per spintax. This way the articles come out like 98+% unique and nearly every one reads like a human wrote it.

    I'm using 1 spintax to manually beef up my PBN.

    Then another for GSA to diversify and liven up my PBN links (tier 2). The 3rd I will save for later.

    Anyway, I've done this before. Where I spin a near perfect spintax. The first time I did it I thought, "this should be great, my links will stick forever".

    There was a noticeable improvement compared to my auto spun gibberish campaigns. But I still noticed an awful lot of links getting deleted months down the road. And I don't understand why.

    I'm trying to create a solid tier 2 to my PBN. Even though I'll be doing slow campaigns (like 10 links / day per site) it would be nice if most the links stuck long term. Before, I use to target most platforms. Now I wanna stick to mostly web2.0, wiki, pdf and some blog comments.

    Does anyone know the most common reasons why links get deleted?

    It can't be emails cause once a link is verified it's verified. Can't be content cause content reads fine. Proxies.... I'm not sure but that doesn't make much sense either. I feel like I may be missing something basic. If I manually go on web2.0s, register all to the same email on my home proxy they stick nearly forever. If I use GSA..... for some reason these sites are coming back months later and randomly deleting the links?

    I understand people shut off comments, delete comments, sites disappear, but that doesn't seem to explain 30+% of my links disappearing 3+ months after their verified.

    Am I posting on bad platforms? I know how to optimize platforms for verification but I don't know how to do it for long term stick rate?


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    I think it might be because of the topic of your posts. Some sites are themed for other things and then your post just doesn't make sense and it is seen as spam.
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    Yes, yes it does. Actually, depending on the platforms used, a 70% retain rate after 3 months is pretty darn high.

    And please stop wasting your time on spending 30-40 hours to spin an article. What the hell were you thinking lol?

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    Here is some advice from someone that has been doing this for some time:

    1. You seem to be the 1% of people who actually understand how to properly spin an article to produce unique (90%+) versions that pass human moderation. These kind of articles are perfect for web 2.0-s, I would suggest you to use them as "filler" content only to build HQ web 2.0-s. Forget wiki, article directories and blog comments. Point your web 2.0-s to your PBN backlinks. They can also be good for pdf sharing sites (I use them as well).

    2. Now use less sophisticated spintax to build another tier to your web 2.0-s and pdf links you built in step 1. This tier (for me) consists of wiki-s, article directories, pdf sharing sites, etc... basically everything contextual that GSA supports except web 2.0-s. These links tend to get deleted after a while like you said, therefore I repeat the campaigns once in a while (usually once per 3 months).

    3. GSA is awesome for building links EXCEPT web 2.0-s. That is why they have another module specifically for that anyway. I wouldn't recommend GSA to build web 2.0-s as the success rate is going to be TERRIBLE. Other do it semi-automated via macros or use FCS Networker. I can't recommend FCS myself because I don't use it, but from what I have read in countless threads here it works good with high success rate and it gets updated often. As for me, I prefer macros and scripts that I code myself for everything, so I can't really give you any solid help regarding this sorry.

    4. So to recap, my tiered linkbuilding strategy explained goes as follows:

    Tier 1 -> PBN backlinks
    Tier 2 -> HQ Web 2.0-s, Pdf sharing sites and social signals (FB/Twitter/Google+).
    Tier 3-> Contextual Platforms in GSA (wiki-s, article directories, pdf, etc...) pointed at the web 2.0-s mainly in tier 2.
    Tier 4 -> Every other platform remaining in GSA = basically spam the shit out of it.

    Tier 4 is optional and I don't recommend it, as I have run tests in the past and it didn't help at all. The only thing it might help is indexing tier 3, but I use indexing services to do that job, so no need to create more useless campaigns in GSA that take up space and computing resources anyway.
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    It all depends on the site admin. Some sites I guess might not be moderated as much as others are so article links will last longer on those sites. It is after all the site admin that removes links.
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    I don't spin the article at all, well not entirely, what i do is i will have an article written that is good and of HQ, then and i will add a paragraph before and after the article of about 150 words, and manually spin those (sentence, phrases, word level )

    So you have +/-150 word spung content at the start and +/-150 word spung at the end of my article (and that is were i place the link) and so it looks like content curation, i have found that the link stickiness is much higher when the content isn't spun and as i am a hardcore non believer in duplicate content.

    Then i scrape my targets and make sure that they are in my niche, i am not using any commercial lists as they are all rubbish at best, you must make sure that your targets would like to have your content, you will have less targets but you will have better links, i use this method often for tier one, directly to my money site, it works great for me.

    The days that you could just blast out spun crap content with GSA are really over, if you want your links to survive you need to do something about the content, cus that is the reason why your links don't stick, test it out, you will see it for yourself.

    Good luck.
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    Sites automatic deletion of spammers
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    Your articles are unique, however are they relevant? I think the mods get rid of them since they dont think they belon there. Im no GSA Expert but if you scrape links relevant to your niche, you may get less links... however if they are relevant, there are more chances of them sticking.