What are some effective low-budget marketing strategies?

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    I was recently referred to the owner of a fast-food franchise because they need more customers. The location is a bit hidden. I was told the owner is "poor" but is willing to try ideas. I'm also willing to work with reasonable payment; it'll look good in my portfolio :). I'll be in touch with him probably next week, so I don't know the exact budget yet, but I'd like to come up with some cheap ideas in the meantime. Since it is a franchise, I'll need to find out what the possibilities are for marketing as well. First of all, do any of you have any experience working with a franchise? Secondly, have any cheap ideas? :p

    Some basic ideas I may use:
    - "check-ins" for discounts
    - location-specific FB page if allowed
    - basic print flyers
    - signage in visible areas closeby

    Edit: Found out they have a Facebook page with ~50 likes, but the page is completely void of posts. Decent start!
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