What are my options guys?


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May 6, 2013
You guys are the ones to ask.
I am creating a white hat business and website from the ground up. I have not had a personal Facebook account in years but I do not want to turn away Facebooks traffic model so I would like to create a fan page for my site. Creating a personal profile is out of the question because then one person sees it and adds you and then it just gets out of hand from there. I do not want to be on Facebook in my personal life in any way. What are my options for creating a brand on Facebook?
why not create a profile created around you with your name and pictures and just limit who can add you as a friend and make everything private!
Your asking an impossible question.
To have a business page you NEED a personal page.

So having a personal page is a fixed point.

You either put real info in it or fake info, one or the other.

Accept that you need to do one of those, then just mitigate your issues with doing so - ie nothing to say you actually need to use or monitor your personal account- you can have everything set to private and never accept any friend requests if you want.
Use your real name, but don't add any details to account, no profile image etc. This way the likelihood that someone of your friends find you is incredibly low. From then on you can create a fan page and off the debt you can surf Facebook as your fan page, meaning that whenever you are leaving a comment you believe it as your fan page, not with your profile.
Lol. I don't know how to answer this question. And How you asked this question man? Just make an account there and add few of your family members and Make a Brand page and work there....
Just create a Brand page and go on there is no matter what is your profile and what is your detail.
i don't know what's the problem but i had a facebook profile with fake info for more than 5 years and no problems at all
Create a Facebook profile page with minimum information & just leave it to rot, while you crack on with your Brand page. Works for me.
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