What are keywords, tags and category?

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    Just figure out, thought of sharing. (Correct me if i'm wrong)

    Let say we make a post for Modern Swimming Pool Design...

    Keywords = modern swimming pool, modern pool, pool design, pool designs, pool idea, pool ideas
    * Purpose of keyword is to tell search engine what is this post about.

    Category = Home Design - Exterior Design (assuming it's under a Exterior Design category)
    * Purpose of category is to setup a good structure for the website.

    Tag1 = modern design (you may make more than 1 modern pool post)
    Tag2 = pool design (you may make more than 1 pool design post)
    * Purpose of tag is to combine and link posts talking about same thing. For example you have 10 posts in Exterior design. 3 of them talk about pool design and 2 of them talk about modern design. This is how you link them together.